About Creation Young Company

Creation Young Company is a group of theatre makers aged 14-19 who create work that is inspired by the world around them. Our aim with Young Company is to provide a more serious, focussed version of Drama Club for our teens who wish to pursue acting or theatre-making to a more advanced level.

From Autumn Term Young Company rehearsals will take place on Wednesday evenings at Headington Baptist Church from 6-8pm, and will be open to 14-19 year olds.

What is Young Company, and what does it involve?
The Creation Theatre Young Company is a Drama Club for those who want to go into theatre professionally, and aims to:
  • Provide students with a more detailed and intensive approach to theatre-making and acting, in a more advanced version of our usual Drama Club. For this reason, it is also open to older students.
  • Provide students with creative leadership and professional development skills that will serve them well at university and beyond.
  • Allow our students to truly channel their creativity and to work as a ‘company’ to create their own theatre. The group will be led by a professional theatre-maker who will guide and advise, but the Young Company show will be entirely devised by the group themselves. Inspired by a classic text or story, the Young Company will take the themes and content of the original text to whatever degree they wish to, and will devise their own production.
  • The Young Company will lead to potential links to performances and work associated with the production side of Creation Theatre. Young Company will be Creation’s first port of call if we ever require young actors for pop-up performances or fund-raising events, and they will also be the first to be offered opportunities to volunteer as an usher or an internship with Creation Theatre.
  • The Young Company will offer some specialised training; we hope to be able to offer sessions on specific skills, and potentially some focussed masterclass on audition training. It is ideal for any young actors planning on applying for Drama School, or anyone hoping to work in the arts.


What is the structure of Young Company?
Payment will be the same as for our normal 2 hour Drama Club sessions (£186 per term, + a £10 booking fee for first time bookers). However, the structure of the terms will be different and there will not be a large-scale show every term. This is because the Young Company will be doing much more focussed work on their main performance, so we want them to have two terms to put their production together:
  • Autumn Term: The Autumn Term will involve the beginning of work on their production as well as a lot of focussed drama skills work, and some specialist masterclass sessions. It will culminate in a ‘scratch night’ performance where the YC can present their work so far to parents and friends.
  • Spring Term: The Spring Term will involve the Spring Showcase performance, where the YC will perform their main show in a professional venue. Most of the term will be dedicated to working towards this project.
  • Summer Term: Summer Term is more flexible, as we imagine many of our older students will be dividing their time and will have to spend more time studying for exams. The summer term will involve focussed training, and students will work towards a mini showcase performance at the end of term.

Being a Young Company member

The group will explore acting, writing and devising through weekly workshops and will also have the benefit of guest practitioners throughout their time with us. You will explore bold ways of telling old stories while creating theatre that excites and speaks to you.

We are not just welcoming actors, but encourage people with a variety of theatre disciplines- designers, writers, stage managers, whatever your bag! Staying true to our site specific style sessions will pop up in various locations around Oxford. Places are limited and allocated on a first come first served basis.