We’re often asked the same questions time and time again so we thought we’d have a crack at providing some proper answers in this section to try and save you a bit of time.

Can Creation perform at my event?

We are often asked if Creation can come to engagements like parties, fêtes and festivals to perform our productions. As flattered as we are by these requests, the scale of our productions does make it difficult to do this. The average budget of a Creation Theatre show is in excess of £120,000 which makes pop-up short performances almost impossible for us.

We can arrange for you to buy all the tickets to a performance and have the performance exclusively to yourselves to celebrate a special occasion. Alternatively, if your event is on a date during our run, we may be able to discuss a price for relocating the whole performance.

Do you take childcare vouchers for Holiday Workshops?

Sadly, we are not currently able to accept these vouchers for our holiday workshops.

Where do you get your actors from?

We cast our actors for each performance from a list of people who have worked with Creation or the director in the past. We also get in touch with a handful of agents who send their clients to us to audition. We go to lots of theatre and will often add people to the casting list who we have seen in shows – if you are appearing in Oxford, please do invite us.

Can I do my work experience with Creation?

Sadly we are rarely able to take students for work experience due to the size of our team and office. If you are keen to get some experience with Creation, the best thing to do would be to volunteer as an usher for one of our productions. If you are interested in working front of house, just drop our front of house team an email.

Work experience with our education department may be available during school holidays and half-term when we will be running holiday workshops. If you would like gain experience by assisting with our holiday workshops, just email the education department

Could Creation run a weekly Drama Club in my school?

We run a really busy Drama Club programme in Oxford already but if we have space in our timetable, we would love to help. Please get in touch with Maddy to discuss your requirement.

Could Creation lend me props/costumes?

We don’t have any storage space to keep our props/costumes so we hire them for every show. Unfortunately, this means that we don’t have any stock that we would be able to lend out.

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