The Tempest

The Tempest poster 2003

1st July - 13th September 2003

Headington Hill Park, Oxford


Featuring more illusions and tricks than you can shake a magic staff at, this was Creation’s second version of The Tempest. Dream team Zoe Seaton and Paul McEneaney returned to Creation after their highly successful A Midsummer Night’s Dream the previous summer. Seamus Allen, now one of the family, made his debut as an outstanding Ariel which saw him emerge out of tiny wooden boxes, levitate, and appear suddenly – as if by magic – out of thin air! Performed during one of the sunniest summers of the last ten years, The Tempest was a show to remember!


“Creation Theatre Company’s production of The Tempest is… simply magic.”
The Oxford Times

“A marvellous blend of the natural with the supernatural, in an exquisite venue; there could be no more perfect way to spend a summer evening.”
BBC Online

“This is a … perfect summer play, for everyone. Go and see it now.”
Daily Information

“Creation Theatre is well known for having a few tricks up its sleeve, but the sorcery in its latest production of The Tempest is breathtaking. …Full grown actors process out of small wooden boxes, characters appear out of thin air, some levitate and fly, smoke turns into spectres, mirrors turn into water and chess pieces move of their own accord. …A delightful production – short and snappy with more magic tricks you could shake a magic staff at.”
The Oxford Mail

“This was a delightful evening of truly magical theatre. From the moment that Ariel leapt out of a small casket, the audience was enchanted. …The special effects were ‘magical’ and quite fantastic and the Director (Zoe Seaton) is to be congratulated on an innovative treat. Shakespeare would have loved it! Don’t miss it!.”
Reading Chronicle

Artistic team

Director – Zoe Seaton
Illusionist – Paul McEneaney
Designer – Michael Taylor
Assistant Designer – Cordelia Chisholm
Voice Coach – Beth Allen
Verse Coach – Monica Dolan


Seamus Allen – Ariel
Simon Donaldson – Caliban
Derek Howard – Stephano/Anthonio
Robert Lister – Prospero
Raewyn Lippert – Miranda
Tom Mallaburn – Ferdinand
Andrew Pepper – Trinculo/Sebastian
Nicholas Rawlinson – Alonso

Box office 01865 766266

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