Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet 2010

9th July - 4th September 2010

Saïd Business School, rooftop amphitheatre


Directed by Charlotte Conquest, this summer production of Shakespeare’s timeless masterpiece was set in a world of weathered stone, rust and gravel. The show kicked off in the courtyard of the Saïd Business School with the Capulets and Montagues fighting; skidding through the gravel at one another, lunging with fists, knives and lead piping. The movement, directed by Aidan Treays, took on a new course for the Capulet’s ball as the cast joined in a tribal-like dance which suddenly slowed as our two lovers caught each others eye. As night fell, the stage became eerily lit by burning torches, heralding a dark and unhappy end to our story.


an athletic production… Benjamin Askew has great charisma and Amy Noble’s Juliet delivers a most attractive and intelligent performance… A production containing much to enjoy…
Jeremy Kingston, The Times

“a production not to be missed…one of the most gripping and exciting productions of the play I have seen”
Chris Gray, The Oxford Times

“There is nothing obvious about this production – it is a play refreshed…It stands with the very best of their [Creation’s] work.”
Andrew Blades, The Stage

“For all its moments of light-hearted flair, this production provides an interesting, convincing and, at times moving take on one of Shakespeare’s most famous works.”
Daniel Haggarty, Daily Info

Artistic team

Director – Charlotte Conquest


Ben Ashton – Benvolio
Ben Askew – Mercuitio/Montague
Gordon Cooper – Capulet
Caroline Devlin – Lady Capulet
Nicky Goldie – Nurse
Richard Kidd – Tybalt/Paris
Patrick Myles – Romeo
Amy Noble – Juliet
James Sobol Kelly – Friar Lawrence

Box office 01865 766266

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