Rapunzel or The Magic Pig

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26th November 2010 - 15th January 2011

The Mirror Tent, MINI Plant Oxford

Rapunzel is abandoned as a baby and taken in by Mother Gothel, the herbalist. The two live happily together until a man observes that Rapunzel is growing into an attractive young woman. Furious, Mother Gothel builds an enormous tower, in which she locks Rapunzel for years on end… until Prink Patrizio stumbles across the tower and Rapunzel’s long hair.

With blookdthristy villains, feisty heroines and a Magic Pig, Creation Theatre Company return to the Mirror Tent at the MINI Plant Oxford with Associate Director, Charlotte Conquest, to stage Rapunzel or The Magic Pig and keep adults and children alike spellbound with our storytelling.


“A thoroughly involving piece of fairytale storytelling, performed with zest by a uniformly excellent ensemble cast.”

“This show is physical theatre with a vengeance and sitting in the front row is not for the fainthearted — as yet another character hurtles across the stage, you really do wonder if they’re going to land in your lap.”
“another triumph for Creation”
Oxford Times

“a delightful, beautifully adapted, gorgeously performed show in a spectacular venue accompanied by delicious crêpes and yummy drinks”

“All the performers make full use of the circular stage, with its many trap doors and hidey holes, and the production is wonderfully creative”
Daily Info

“This is a show pitched deftly to kids and adults alike – an absorbing way to start the festive season.”
The Stage

Artistic team and cast

Rob Cavazos – Paulo
Rachel Donovan – Prezzemolina
James Sobol Kelly – Umberto/Duke of Tuscany/Shark
Richard Kidd – Pierluigi Ambrosi/Baldozi
Amy Noble – Rapunzel
Marin Richarson – Patrizio
Nicholas Osmond – Mother Gothel

Director – Charlotte Conquest
Assistant Director – Richard Kidd
Movement Director – Aidan Treays
Designer – Lucy Wilkinson
Assistant Designer – Kate Matthews
Lighting Designer – Ian Saunders
Sound Designer – Matt Eaton
Composer – Jack Merivale
Fight Director – Philip D’Orleans
Puppeteer Coach – Polly Beestone

Artistic Directors – David Parrish and Nicola Cartlidge

Box office 01865 766266

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