Nineteen Eighty Four

5th February - 5th March 2017

“Take him to room 101”

Our first trip to Oxford’s new Mathematical Institute building saw us stage George Orwell’s iconic dystopian nightmare. Written and directed by Jonathan Holloway, our brave and talented cast of six brought this terrifying totalitarian future to life, complete with Big Brother, doublethink and The Ministry of Truth. Support from the Arts Council England allowed us to engage with more young people and schools from the surrounding area, offering special ticket prices, free professional workshops and the opportunity to join us as a costumed usher.


“I’ve seen several Creation Theatre offerings, almost always of Shakespeare, so I wasn’t sure what to expect of their production of 1984. It was brilliant. Staged in the news Maths Institute, it uses minimal props (basically, lighting and video screens) that are operated by the cast. This achieves a real feel of overpowering menace and oppression. George Orwell would have been delighted. Doubleplus good. Go and see it!” TripAdvisor review

“I’ve never been disappointed by Creation Theatre’s ability to creatively bring a new twist to classic stories. 1984 is no exception. This was the first time I have actually looked away from the stage because of the shock value of a Creation performance. “ Diocese of Oxford

“Orwell published 1984 in 1949 but Jonathan Holloway’s reboot feels frighteningly contemporary, and not just in the clothing, technology and dialogue. This is a bleak, dark and disquieting production, but an important one with deep truths about our world, and where we are heading. As the Ministry would say: ‘doubleplusgood’. Attendance really is ‘unoptional’ – anything else is a ‘thoughtcrime’.5/5” Oxford Times

“Mesmerising high tech production of 1984 which brilliant uses the setting of the maths building to create futuristic environment. The torture scenes which brilliantly acted and very affecting. ★★★★★” TripAdvisor review

“Another excellent, innovative performance from Creation. Well done matching the play to the stunning venue. I’m not sure ‘enjoyed’ is the right word for 1984, but it was very thought provoking and adapts very well to “2017”. Facebook review

Creative team

Director – Jonathan Holloway
Assistant Director – Jill Rutland
Video Designer – Eva Auster
Costume Designer – Ginny Graham
Sound Designer – Matt Eaton
Production Manager – Giles Stoakley
Deputy Stage Manager – Jennifer Courtenay-Hall
Sound Operator – Darren Joyce
Chief Executive and Creative Producer – Lucy Askew

O’Brien, Winston’s Mother – Angela Clerkin
Julia, Proletarian Mum, Gym Mistress – Rochi Rampal
Winston Smith – Graeme Rose
Alan Syme, Martin, Des, Proletarian Child – James Camp
Mr Charrington, Proletarian Grandad, Telescreen Voice – Eric MacLennan
Parsons, Proletarian Dad, Eric – Simon Spencer-Hyde

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