Macbeth poster 2002

31st January - 23rd March 2002

BMW Group Plant Oxford


The stark factory environment created a near perfect setting for the dark violence of the Scottish play. Fresh interpretations enlivened this well-known Shakespearean tragedy: the weird sisters were represented as one woman with a mirrored booth, surrounded by her reflections – a sinister comment on the unified and mysterious nature of the witches’ identity.


“Zoe Seaton, … offers a characteristic production, fast-moving and exciting, where the big stage effects never blur the essential edge of the piece.”
The Oxford Times

“This is Shakespeare’s Macbeth in the raw – don’t miss it.”
Oxford Mail

“An innovative production that takes risks but justifies them with moments of stunning theatre.”
Daily Information

Artistic team

Director – Zoe Seaton
Visual Consultant – Paul McEneaney
Set Designer – Andy Seaton
Costume Designer – Alison Taylor


Jamie Bower – Macduff
Ruth Curtis – Lady Macduff
Liam Evans-Ford – Malcolm
Alun Maxwell – Duncan
Marie McCarthy – Lady Macbeth
Adrian Ross-Jones – Banquo
David Rundle – Ross
Richard Stacey – Macbeth

Box office 01865 766266

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