Macbeth poster 1997

17th July - 30th August 1997

Magdalen College school grounds


Macbeth was the first Creation Theatre Company production to involve director Zoe Seaton. Zoe has since become a vital contributor to Creation’s success directing such successful shows as A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Hamlet. It featured the company’s producer David Parrish in the title role and regular Creation contributor, Dawson Peters as King Duncan.

Macbeth was also the first Creation production to really capitalise on the potential of site-specific theatre. It began with the witches abseiling onto the stage from the tree tops, and continued across rope-bridges and through tree houses. The play really worked with the natural elements of Magdalen College School Grounds to realise the potential of open-air theatre.

The company produced Macbeth again at BMW Group Plant Oxford in 2002. Again, the challenge was to use the space effectively and maximise the potential of a site-specific work.

Artistic Team

Director – Zoe Seaton
Designer – Julia Smith
Musical Director – Dawson Peters
Fight Director – Mike Bower
Choreographer – Jools Beech
Producer – David Parrish and Adam Stephens


Macbeth – David Parrish
Lady Macbeth – Naz Yeni
Macduff – Daniel Settatree
Lady Macduff – Suzannah Pilcher
Ross – Daniel Pape
Malcolm – Mark Hayden
Duncan – Dawson Peters
Banquo – Andy Blacksmith

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