The Odyssey

The Odyssey, 2012

29th March - 28th April 2012

Blackwell's Bookshop

A co-production between Creation and The Factory
Directed by Tim Carroll

The myth of Odysseus’ epic journey was ancient when Homer committed it to writing. Almost three thousand years later the stories still echo through our narrative memory. They are tales of famous heroes and villains; Athena, Zeus and the Cyclops, and those you might not know yet; six-headed Scylla, the whirlpool Charybdis and the lethargic Lotus-Eaters.

Combining movement, song, text and improvisation, each performance was an original retelling that attempted to recreate the spirit of one of the world’s oldest oral storytelling traditions.

The reviews

“[a] strangely affecting… challenging and thought-provoking, production.”
“this interpretation is as much about the telling of the tale as it is about the tale itself.” James Benefield, The Oxford Times

“A unique experience for both audience and performers each night, bringing spontaneity outside of the rehearsal room.” James Benefield, The Oxford Times

“This company creates a sense of Homers, many or few, blind or sighted, seeing or hearing the wine-dark sea and weaving into stories the anxieties and speculations of humanity.” Timothy Ramsden, Reviewsgate

“It was lively, imaginative, energetic and despite its length (over 2½ hours with one interval) never dull… So go and see it. It’s different. It’s entertaining.” Tony OX3, blogger


“Absolutely loved the opening night of The Odyssey, it was a captivating performance. Spent the drive home talking non-stop about it and writing a list of the 24 different styles for each scene! Thank you for an amazing evening, hope to see it again.” Sue Boyle

“If you want to see a show that’s stripped bare of everything that you normally think that theatre is and where words are all that matter then the Creation Theatre Company and THE FACTORY THEATRE production of The Odyssey is a must, and every show is truly unique and never ever to be repeated. Brilliant!” Thomas Shepherd

“We were thrilled to be at the opening night of the Odyssey at Blackwell’s Book Shop yesterday, and have been recommending it to all our friends today. Exciting, innovative, funny and inspiring, Creation never disappoint! Thank you to everyone involved, and good luck for the rest of the run.” Beth Bennet


“Transported in so many ways by the Factory and Creation Theatre- the Odyssey experience is unmissable. One trip may not be enough.” @futuregirl79

“Original, fun, clever. Good stuff, I’ll be back…”
‏ @DavidGilmore3

“Wonderful improvised production of The Odyssey tonight from Creation Theatre in Blackwell’s. Gutsy, heartfelt, Homeric magic.” @mollyflatt

“Well that was an amazing show…I was enthralled from beginning to end! So very original.” @VirtualArchive

“The Factory and Creation Theatre have joined forces to produce The Odyssey at Blackwell’s exhilarating, amusing, unmissable” @SarahFMayhew

Assistant Director Reuben Grove on how The Odyssey is different to the Hamlet project.

Assistant Director Reuben Grove on the aims of The Odyssey project.

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