The Comedy of Errors

Roy-e-Sabz's The Comedy of Errors, 2012

6th June - 6th June 2012

Sheldonian Theatre

Performed by Roy-e-Sabz, from Kabul in Afghanistan

“I see two husbands, or mine eyes deceive me”

Two sets of identical twins, separated as babies during a sandstorm in this brand new Afghan adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic, find themselves in the city of Kabul for the first time as adults. Soon, their friends mistake the twins for one another and bewilderment abounds. Exuberant, mystical and brilliantly farcical, Shakespeare’s shortest play is a romantic comedy of confusion and ultimate reunion.

Roy-e-Sabz is a truly daring theatre company where men and women act together in modern Afghanistan. For the first time, they leave Kabul with their new production of The Comedy of Errors; a show set in the bustling back streets of modern-day Kabul, places of laughter and joy that few foreigners ever get to see or hear about.

The Comedy of Errors is conceived by Roy-e-Sabz for Globe to Globe, an international festival produced by Shakespeare’s Globe and is brought to Oxford by Creation Theatre Company.


Roy-e-Sabz is a theatrical miracle. In 2005, Corrine Jaber directed the group’s controversial performance of Love’s Labour’s Lost. Set in ancient garden in war-ravaged Kabul their production saw men and women acting together, the women occasionally not wearing headscarves, and lovers holding hands – truly audacious things to rehearse and perform in modern Afghanistan.

Despite the toppling of the Islamist Taliban rule in Afghanistan, under which theatre was banned, there are still threats and is continued pressure towards, particularly the female, actors within the group not to perform. Security concerns led the group to rehearse in India at the British Council building however, after it’s bombing, the group has had to relocate once more.

Through performing to a global audience – touring The Comedy of Errors in India, the UK, Germany and, hopefully, Kabul – Roy-e-Sabz intends to redefine the world’s perception of Afghanistan, bringing to the fore it’s talent and it’s rich culture. Expect a show full of Afghan culture; traditional costume and music, as well as local place and character names used instead of Shakespeare’s originals. This is The Comedy of Errors as you’ve never seen before.

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Brackets indicate the character adaptations for Rah-e Sabz’s specially commissioned production.


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