What they’re saying

We’re having a grand old time running around Oxford looking for fairies, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. Check out some of our reviews and feedback:

Feedback from our Oxford performance

You will be sucked in and you will enjoy yourself and you will be amazed ! DailyInfo

“#midsummersnightsdream was amazing! My improv muscles are flexed and cheeks hurt from laughing!!” Audience member on Twitter

“I cannot recommend this highly enough.” Audience member on Twitter

Feedback from our Clapham Run

“#creationdream is awesome! A hilarious treasure-hunt with wonderfully played characters and improvised genius; absorbing and alive! Go see!” Audience member on Twitter

Enchanting whirlwind of a play! Essential Surrey

“Superb interactive Midsummer Night’s Dream round Clapham Omnibus Theatre. Brilliant fun. Sparkly knockabout. Many guffaws” Penny Smith on Twitter

This was the most fun I’ve had at the theatre for a long time: LondonTheatre1

“Ultimate escapism. Hilarious, slick and v.silly. Loved being in on the secret and seeing the confused looks of passers by” Audience member on Twitter

“Such a modern telling of A Midsummer nights dream! Hilarious, energetic and full of charm! Loved it.” Audience member on Twitter

“Creation have done something rather magical in their offering of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s not just interactive, but engaging, visceral, and bold. *The State of the Arts

Have a read of the rest of our London online feedback on our Clapham Storify

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